We take over the whole construction-renovation of your property, having selected synergies, suppliers, continually supervising the whole procedure and delivering a fully completed construction.


  • New Constructions

    New building projects require good organization and management can not escape nor time nor economically. For this reason the Brothers Mazanaki undertakes on behalf of the owners to build their new construction with pre-agreed budget and schedule. Having reliable partners we are able to create that you desired economic and quality.

  • Renovations

    Give value to an old building with renovated it. The restoration is one of the most complex construction activities. Whether stone or reinforced concrete construction, restoration requires deep and comprehensive expertise. With us you are sure that you will achieve the best results in the most economical price.

  • Refurbishments

    Our Company undertakes the renovation of your house or your business or residence relieving the stress and uncertainty of the final result. With a wealth of new ideas we can create the ideal venue for you and your needs with perfect quality materials and always work at the best prices.

  • Anagnostou Gogoni 19
    Koumpes, Chania, 73134

Free Of Charge Estimate

Without any commitment, we are at your disposal in order to solve any question regarding the design and the construction of your project. Please contact with us for for all your enquire.

Our Services
  • EarthWorks
    • Excavations
    • Configurations Services
    • Cultivations
    • Demolition
    • Public Constructions
  • Civil Engineer’s Services
    • Building permits
    • Legalisations / Arrangements of arbitrary
    • Surveying Applications
    • Static Structural Design
    • Energy Certificates
    • Supervisions- Project Managment
    • Ε.Ο.Τ. Liecence
    • Licenses for stores
    • Tecnical advice
  • Constructions
    • New Constructions
    • Renovations
    • Refurbishments
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