The company,“Mazanakis & Co (Afoi Mazanaki OE)”, has been serving a large clientele for over 40 years and has a large privately owned fleet of earthmoving machinery that can meet any requirement. Characteristic examples of earthworks are:


The first stage of any construction activity is excavation. The cost of this specific work is estimated at about 15% of the project budget. During the excavation of each property, inexperience or negligence, can lead to large financial burden for the owner or even worse to irreparable damages mainly to neighboring buildings. Our company guarantees an impeccable result according to the respective studies, while respecting the schedules and financial agreements. A vibrating paver is also available for greater safety and quality of embankments.

Landscaping of fields

Cretan landscape is considered to have a unique and rough surface. Nowadays, mechanical means offer the possibility to implement any requirement regarding the landscaping of the surrounding space. As far as the fields are concerned, in addition to the work required to plant the crops, annual maintenance is also required. Typical examples of work are stone removal and field leveling with specially designed crawler pushers and excavators.



The company, “Mazanakis & Co (Afoi Mazanaki OE)” can undertake with responsibility and guarantee of the safety of all kinds of demolitions and removals with conventional machines, such as excavators, hammers and also air compressors. We also take care of the removal of construction waste and its possible recycling according to the employer wishes.

Public constructions

Apart from the private sector, our Company has been undertaking public projects, as well, throughout the region of Chania, for over 40 years. These include, road construction projects, green works, technical and port projects. Whether it concerns a small scale or large scale project, we guarantee the perfect completion, regardless the degree of difficulty, due to our expertise and qualified staff, while combining speed and economy to the extent required.

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Excavators / Loaders

Promoters / Pavers

Trucks / Varius

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