Who We are

The engineering company “Mazanakis & Co (Afoi Mazanaki OE)” was founded in the year 1980 and with continuous growth is active in the fields of architectural design, studies, construction and earthworks. In addition, with the appropriate expertise, the company can offer a wide range of services for the requirements of each property. Tasks such as architectural design, issuing of building permits, arranging of property’s illegalities and topographic surveys, are handled with responsibility and comprehensive knowledge.
The combination of architects, civil engineers as well as other engineer specialties and qualified technical staff makes it possible to handle any requirement.

The company’s philosophy is the holistic approach of every project. We treat architecture, design and construction as a single whole, with the aim of creating projects with a strong identity and functionality, adapted to the needs of the client, with respect to the landscape and the particularities of each location.

Following the developments of modern design and manufacturing, the company constantly invests in terms of equipment, machinery and human resources in order to achieve projects of high aesthetics with an emphasis on detail.

The beginning of each project starts by focusing on the needs of each client. Starting with consulting for the correct selection of the property that meets the needs of the client, afterwards surveying of the plot, completion of the Topographic and architectural design and all the required studies for the issuing of the building permit and finally the construction of the desired structures. Through several years of experience and wide range of services, all the required work is provided by the company without the need for the customer to contact other specialties. Therefore, communication errors, as well as construction delay due to the involvement of various professionals are completely avoided. Whether it is a matter of a simple certificate or the construction of a building, the company can perfectly cope with the needs of the customer with absolute responsibility.

Finally, company, “Mazanakis & Co (Afoi Mazanaki OE)”, is also addressed to public organizations and is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Registry of Contracting Enterprises (M.E.P.E.), staffed with a Class A2 academic degree.

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